We are digital specialists.

We truly believe that every brand can grow and thrive online and we spend our days proving that we are right! We focus on strategy and content because these are the essentials for digital success. We’re passionate about digital and excited to help our clients succeed.

We See the Big Picture… And Help You See It Too

Digital is not just about technology.  It is about creativity and innovation – content and connection.  “Digital” encompasses everything you do online, from your company website to your social media, email lists, blogs, videos, e-learning, and more…

We work with you to develop a digital marketing strategy, tactics, and content that match your business goals and attract the attention of your ideal customers.  And we can help you build the digital capabilities you need to thrive online.

Kim Scaravelli

In the beginning…

I founded Trust Communications in 2001. Back then, it was called E-Curriculum and the name says it all.  I helped organizations build online training. And the biggest worry my clients had was that the internet wouldn't catch on.

Well... the internet caught on!  The digital world kept growing and my little company grew with it.

Here are a few FUN FACTS about me - Kim Scaravelli:

  • I received the Women Leaders in the Digital Economy Award from Digital Nova Scotia in 2019
  • I served two terms on the National Advisory Committee of Women Business Enterprises Canada
  • I am a 4-time nominee for the RBC Women of Influence Awards
  • And I take my dog to work with me every day

If you want more details, check out my LinkedIn profile.


The present…

We still build E-Learning programs. In fact, instructional design is one of our favourite types of work. And we are honoured to have long-term relationships with some of Canada's most respected brands.

We also help our clients develop strategies and build the capabilities needed to grow and prosper in a digital world.

In 2015, we officially re-branded and became Trust Communications Inc. We know digital. And our clients trust us to use that knowledge creatively and effectively.


Cat beside laptop
Coffe mugs with "I love my staff" and "I love my boss" written on them

Staff & Associates

Alison Knott Web Consultant
JJ Podborski Advertising Consultant
Rachael Scaravelli Marketing Assistant
Tara Migel Graphic Designer
David Bannerman Audio and Technical Engineer
David Strong Financial Advisor
Corinne Boudreau Legal Advisor
Mike Reynolds Strategic Business Development Consultant

The future…

With digital marketing more important than ever, we continue to help our clients master the ever-evolving digital landscape. Digital is complicated, with new trends and technologies coming faster and faster.

Success will come to brands that develop the digital agility necessary to take advantage of new opportunities quickly and confidently.  We are developing both customized and out-of-the-box solutions to help our clients develop competitive digital capabilities.

The future looks bright!

Desktop view with illustartion of 'vision' on screen

So Let's Talk

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