Video Marketing: 10 Statistics That Excite B2B Companies!

Video marketing should be a component of every company’s digital content strategy.  If you don’t have a strategy in place yet, you may want to pause for a moment and read Digital Marketing Success in 5 Easy Steps.

There are a multitude of reasons you need to start using videos.  They can:

A recent article by Hubspot highlighted the degree to which video is becoming the dominant online activity for most audiences, including business leaders.  The statistics from that article should make you seriously consider expanding your video marketing:

10 Exciting Video Marketing Statistics


Video marketing can seem intimidating, especially to smaller companies, but in today’s digital world, it is not that hard to create interesting videos.  Sites like Biteable and Animoto make it easy, affordable, and fun, for even the smallest companies to make videos.

If you are part of the 59% that enjoy video more than text, check out the video version of this article.  I made it in less than half an hour on Biteable.

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