Educational Content Development for Online and Blended Learning

We work with mission-driven organizations that have big ambitions when it comes to online learning.

Do you need to adapt an existing program so it can be delivered online?

Or are you trying to create something from scratch?

Either way, we can help!

What's your organization's educational niche?

We’ve developed online and blended learning programs in subject areas including:

  • Community health and wellness
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Healthcare
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Sport and recreation
  • And more…

Bringing an education-based program to life online is hard work.

It’s about so much more than just technology. You may have mountains of content materials – or none at all. There may be multiple stakeholders and subject-matter experts that need to be included in the process. Things can get over-whelming quickly. We help simplify the complicated, reduce stress levels, and deliver high-quality, impactful programs.

See some of our client programs in action...


The School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy Project

This is a multicomponent, school-based health promotion initiative. The goal is to provide B.C. educators with resources and professional development opportunities, so they can confidently create an enhanced physical activity and physical literacy learning environment for their students.

The project is being developed, implemented and evaluated by Sport for Life; Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Council (I·SPARC); Childhood Obesity Foundation; and Physical and Health Education Canada/British Columbia (PHE Canada/PHE BC).

We're working with stakeholders and subject-matter experts on this ambitious project which includes both online and blended learning courses.


Heart & Stroke Canada: Blended Learning Programs

Blended learning accommodates various learning styles and student needs. It enhances knowledge retention and provides more in-class time for practical demonstrations. The online components we've created for Heart & Stroke use a variety of engagement tools and media such as videos, animations, self-directed learning, and interactive activities. And there's an online exam module.

With online learning in place, Heart & Stroke had the agility needed to meet the challenges of providing training during the pandemic. They were able to readily accomodate physical distancing and other protective measures by adopting a 2-part approach, deconstructing their traditional instructor-led learning programs into a cognitive element and an in-person skills element which could be completed at a later date.

Interior of a car. hands on the steering wheel driving out in the countryside.

The Irish Cancer Society: Volunteer Driver Training

The Irish Cancer Society has more than 1200 volunteers who drive patients to and from chemotherapy treatments. Traditionally, the majority of the drivers have been seniors. Covid-19 restrictions forced these volunteers to stay home. This created an immediate, pressing need to recruit and train new volunteer drivers.

The organization had not offered online training before. Suddenly, they needed both e-learning and a secured platform to present it on.

We were pleased to get them up and running quickly. Their course can be completed within 30 minutes. Training records are fully automated. And new volunteers can now train immediately, using their phone, tablet, or computer.


Online learning projects are one of my favourite types of work.

My roots are in teaching. I have a Bachelor of Education and a deep knowledge of how to facilitate learning. Based on decades of expertise, here's the biggest piece of advice I give every client before we get started:

Don't obsess about technology. Focus on the learning objectives, the needs of the learner, and the content. When those elements are properly addressed, things fall into place - and meaningful learning happens.

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Kim Scaravelli, Owner, Trust Communications

Online programming is our specialty. Let us do the heavy lifting.

In-depth knowledge of e-learning

“Kim Scaravelli is a highly motivated and skilled content developer with in-depth knowledge of e-learning. The knowledge, professionalism and creativity of Trust Communications has served us well.

Jackie Norman, President & CEO, Safety Services Nova Scotia

Professional and responsive

“Kim was professional and responsive throughout the creation of our online training courses. She was quick to get up to speed on the terminology used in our industry and was able to simplify the language around our programs, which can be complex and technical. Kim’s suggestions improved the content so that it was simple and clear enough for even the most novice member to understand.”

Natalie Irwin, Director of Stakeholder Engagement, Efficiency Nova Scotia

Brings content to life online

“I’ve worked with Kim on several projects over the past few years, often involving multiple stakeholders and complex challenges. Kim has listened to our vision for each project and drawn from her wealth of experience to suggest creative solutions that add impact and value. She is easy to communicate with and is timely with her responses to questions and delivery of documents. She is consistently able to help us unravel complicated knots and bring our content to life online.”

Alex Wilson, Senior Manager, Knowledge Mobilization, Sport for Life Canada

Simplify complicated materials

“Kim and her team have been a great asset to our organization. They do a great job of simplifying complicated materials and coming up with creative ways to present training to our members. They work within our budget and get along well with team members and subject-matter experts. We’ve worked with Kim on several courses already and I’m looking forward to a long partnership with Trust Communications.”

Douglas Duncan, CED Project Manager, Equestrian Canada