How to Move Past Business Jargon and Really Connect With Clients

Business jargon is more than just buzzwords.  It is a whole collection of nouns and verbs and adjectives that most people don’t use in regular conversation.

As a rule of thumb, when speaking with clients and potential clients, you should ditch any word that you wouldn’t use if you were chatting with a friend.

We live in an increasingly automated world. Both at work and at home, people are looking for personal connections.

To build successful, long-term relationships with clients, we need to communicate using language that is warm, friendly and personal.

That means banishing many of the terms that have become engrained in our business-speak. Start simple…

Banish these 5 bits of business jargon

For the next month, go cold turkey on these 5 words:

  1. Facilitate

In the history of mankind, no one with a problem has ever gone looking for someone to ‘facilitate’. When you need something, you want HELP.

  1. Collaborate

Boring people in suits ‘collaborate’. Real people, who share a genuine interest in a common goal, WORK TOGETHER. When your eyes well up watching a Youtube video about a bunch of people saving a dog from drowning, does the word ‘collaboration’ ever pop into your mind? Just saying.

  1. Engage

Another boring word that sets the bar too low. Don’t stop at ‘engage’ when you could be promising to INSPIRE and EXCITE.

  1. Monetize

Putting ‘ize’ on the end of a dull word does not make it more interesting. People want to TURN A PROFIT and MAKE MONEY.

  1. Analyze

There is something horribly negative about this word. It sounds expensive, time-consuming, and vague.

No one wants to be ‘analyzed’; we all want to be understood. So unless you are putting in a quote to perform a Strategic Analysis, in which case the term is unavoidable, put this word in the back of a very dark closet!



It may be surprisingly difficult to let go of these words. Moving out from behind the business-speak and using smaller, simpler words may actually be a bit nerve-wracking. But remember… the goal is to connect.

We connect by using warm, friendly words. I hope this article HELPED you, INSPIRED you, and made you want to TRY SOMETHING NEW.


Article written by Kim Scaravelli, CEO, Trust Communications Inc.  


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