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The title "7 Simple Word Tricks To Capture Attention And Keep Readers Engaged" is featured against a dark purple background, on the left side of the image. On the right side is a photo of a young, smiling African American woman. She looks like a student, in jeans and a denim shirt. She is sitting crosslegged, surrounded by books, with her laptop open on her legs. She is smiling and giving a thumbs up to the camera

7 Simple Word Tricks To Capture Attention And Keep Readers Engaged

To keep readers engaged, you need more than a catchy title and an eye-catching photo. Your writing has to deliver the goods!

Post title "Why you're undercharging clients and how to fix it" appears on a teal blue background. To the right is an image of a somewhat dejected looking woman sitting at her desk. She has on a pretty pink leather jacket and looks very professional. She is leaning on her right hand while making a thumbs down with her left.

Why You’re Undercharging Clients (And How To Fix It)

If you’re working ALL the time but your bank account is still anaemic you’re under-charging clients. So why do you feel bad about charging what you’re worth?

The post title "Are nonsense words like influencer killing your personal brand?" appears against a bright purple background on the left. On the right we see a young caucasian male in a blue plaid shirt and suspenders. He looks like a young professional. He is framing his own face using his hands and looks smug.

Are Nonsense Words Like “Influencer” Killing Your Personal Branding?

The goal of personal branding is to build authority and respect. To do that, you need to move beyond buzzwords.

"How to make a great LInkedIn profile: 6 ways to stand out and shine" is written on a teal blue background on the left. To the right we see a smiling female professional. African American. Seated at her desk with hands on her laptop. She is wearing a white shirt and tan blazer. Looks relaxed and confident as she smiles at the camera.

How To Make A Great LinkedIn Profile: 6 Ways To Stand Out And Shine

LinkedIn in the world’s largest social network for professionals. So, it is really important to create a profile that elevates your professional brand!

"Free consultations: 8 rules to get new clients and avoid "brain pickers"" is written against a bright purple background. To the right is a headshot of a smiling caucasian business woman speaking on her cell phone. She looks confident.

Free Consultations: 8 Rules To Get New Clients And Avoid “Brain Pickers”

Free consultations are not free. They cost you time and energy. These 8 rules can separate REAL leads from dead-ends and turn prospects into paying clients.

"7 Brutal Truths About Why You Don't Get More Twitter Followers" is written on a red-orange background. On the right is a photo of a middle-aged caucasian woman biting her nails as she seems to read the headline.

7 Brutal Truths About Why You Don’t Get More Twitter Followers

To get more Twitter followers (and keep the ones you have) you need to be honest with yourself. Figure out what may be turning people off. And fix it!