Meet Kim Scaravelli, Content Strategist and Chief Bossypants

I’m on a mission to help my clients put their best foot forward and accomplish great things.

In the Beginning

I founded Trust Communications in 2001. Back then, it was called E-Curriculum and the name says it all. I helped organizations adapt classroom training for online delivery. And the biggest worry my clients had was that the internet wouldn't catch on.

Well... the internet caught on! The online world kept growing and my little company grew with it.

The Present

I’m not a one-woman show anymore. I’ve built a small team of brilliant, creative folks, who share my passion for communicating with words. Together, we help organizations like yours think strategically about the content they share with the world.

Our client relationships run deep. Most often, we work with the same groups again and again, helping them push forward, try new things, and make the occasional tweak or pivot.

The Future

The world is changing fast. New technologies and content platforms are constantly appearing. How we communicate and the language we use is evolving. What worked today may not work tomorrow.

To thrive in turbulent times, you  need content that packs a punch, is respectful and inclusive, and readily adapts to future needs. We’re here to help!

Kim Scaravelli behind her office desk drinking large cup of coffee

A few FUN FACTS about me - Kim Scaravelli:

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